How to migrate your data

The new version of healthbank is super secure and only you have access to your data with your private key. You can share data with others and others can share with you by leveraging your public key. Now, only you can encrypt the documents so healthbank or any other third party will never be able to read your documents without your consent.

The easiest way from v1 to v2

  1. On a desktop or tablet with local storage capabilities. Visit and log in there with your existing account.
    1. Download to a local storage each time line entry the images and documents from your old account to a local machine. Use Save image as on images or transfer document on PDFs as depicted below.
      Download image asDownload document as
    2. Take note of the title and description for the images or document
    3. Take note of the people you want to share the document or image with.
  2. On the same machine create a new account on
      . Be aware that for now healthbank only supports a single browser and device so choose your favorite one now. You will have capabilities to export the private key to another device and or browser soon.

    1. You can use the same email as you have used with the old account, we do not store your email unless you share it with us. When the system tells you that the email has been used the hash of the email already exists.
    2. Make a secure copy of your private key and do keep a separate copy of your password so you can always recover your data. The new system is end-to-end encrypted so no-one but you and the ones you share it with can get to the data.
  3. Once the account is created upload each image and documents as new entries into the new system
    1. Select the document or image to upload
    2. Give it the same or similar title you have had before
    3. Take key words from the description to remember the image or document by
  4. For each image or document update with whom you want to share the item.
    1. Make sure you have invited the people you share the items with to be on your contacts list, you can send them an email with an invitation code.
    2. Once you have them as contacts on your contacts list you can share the items so they have read access to your document or images you wish to share.