FAQ from healthbank.me

What is healthbank?

Please have a look at our new healthbank movie.

Our security concept

To guarantee a highly secure environment where you can safely store and share data we have implemented certain features that need your attention. All your uploaded files will be automatically encrypted (by public key/private key principle) on your device and are only visible to you unless you provide consent for sharing.
This means that when creating an account, it is absolutely essential that you save/store your created private key (QR code) and password for long-term. healthbank is not able to retrieve or reset your private key, nor your password. All your stored data will be lost in case you lose your password and/or private key.
You initially create your account in one browser and one device. With the private key (QR code) in your hand you will be able to add your account to multiple devices and browsers.

What is the private key to be used for?

The private key is used along with the public key for an end-to-end encryption of your data. You may be asked for your private key in case you would like to restore your data in case of device loss, or to access your data from another device.

Why do I need a password?

The password is needed for a secure access to your personal account, also in case multiple users use the same device (PC or mobile phone).

Are there any measures that can support me in keeping my private key and password safe and stored for long-term?

Currently we do not provide such a service, but this functionality is planned.

Dashboard and health data / Tags

The dashboard shows an overview of your personal data. After the upload your data objects are displayed in chronological order on the timeline. By choosing tags you can group your medical data (e.g. to share them with your connections) or to find them more easily by applying filters. Both are functionalities of the future. To upload an object, you don’t need to add tags. However, we highly recommend doing so in order to structure your medical dossier on healthbank. You can change defined tags anytime.

Connecting to others

Connecting to other people on healthbank to share data involves and exchange of a public key. Please note that your potential connection needs to have a healthbank account as well.
You can either create a public key yourself and share it with the person you would like to connect in a safe way (in person, via email, via phone) or you receive a public key from your potential connection.

healthbank web application and mobile

To use the healthbank platform, you need a browser that supports HTML5.
The following browsers currently support the healthbank platform (always the latest version): Browser on the desktop: Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Browser on Android: Chrome. Browser on iOS: Safari. If browsers are not supported, a message will be displayed.

How can I migrate my data from healthbank 1.0 to healthbank 2.0?

You can either download your data from healthbank 1.0 and upload it into healthbank 2.0. In case you currently have many documents uploaded into healthbank 1.0 and you would not want to go through this manual process, you can also contact support@healthbank.me and we will help you migrating your data.

What happens to my data which is currently stored in healthbank 1.0?

healthbank 1.0 (old.healthbank.me) will be available and accessible to our users for another couple of months.

When will the research platform be operational?

We are working on building the healthbank in such a way that we can offer you research projects in the future. However, this will take some time. In the meantime, you may want to watch a video on clinical research developed by EUPATI (European Patient Academy for Treatment Innovation): https://vimeo.com/151510498


You will not be automatically logged out when being inactive on healthbank.me. We recommend to log-out or close the browser window when having finished your activities on our platform.

Version October 8, 2018